ESTD 2014
Based on CBSE
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Circulars 1st March 2020 1.Result Declaration of Annual Exam Mar. 2020 will be on 26th Mar 20. 26th March 2020 2.Due to Lockdown Result will be provided to all the Students online. 1st April 2020 3.In view of the present COVID - 19 Situation and around School opening dates we can jointly combat COVID - 19 by taking preventing and precaution measures maintaining social distancing and staying in the confines of our homes, we can utilize this time productively by engaging in on-time learning through Digital Platforms. 2nd April 2020 4.All NCERT books 1st to 10th are available on the given below links for downloading. https://www.ncertbooks.guru/ncert-books-pdf/amp/


Due to the latest advancement in modern technologies and dynamism in modern education, We have switched over to multimedia based education. The aim is to involve the students in the process of education. The involvement is most essential as it provides quite concrete results. We have LED projector, we have VCDs and other devices to display CDs on various subjects of education which are regularly shown to students that allow them to pick up the situation and find solutions to them. This brings a liaison among students who act while listening and doing that is the main ambit of these activites.

Multimedia Based Education