ESTD 2014
Based on CBSE
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Circulars 1st March 2020 1.Result Declaration of Annual Exam Mar. 2020 will be on 26th Mar 20. 26th March 2020 2.Due to Lockdown Result will be provided to all the Students online. 1st April 2020 3.In view of the present COVID - 19 Situation and around School opening dates we can jointly combat COVID - 19 by taking preventing and precaution measures maintaining social distancing and staying in the confines of our homes, we can utilize this time productively by engaging in on-time learning through Digital Platforms. 2nd April 2020 4.All NCERT books 1st to 10th are available on the given below links for downloading. https://www.ncertbooks.guru/ncert-books-pdf/amp/


The school has a concrete C shaped building (double storyed) annexed with a prolonged one storey building. Besides, there are other complexes that include Pre-Primary block, Two Halls, One dark room, Activity room, Two Computer Labs, Library, Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs and one Compact Lab, These are sufficient enough to withstand the needs of students.



There are well equipped and well accommodated Science Labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology besides a Compact lab: These Labs help the students to upgrade their knowledge practically to brace up with modern technologies. Science is the core point of modern education and we are at our level trying to help our students to attain perfection.

Science Lab


As computers are a breath line for modern education, Two Computer labs with more than 40 Computers of latest make are functional. Power continuity is assured. The students are shown into modern horizons of Internet Websites & E-Commerce. This helps them to seek a better future. Today’s education is incomplete without the thorough knowledge of computers. This is where we come to their rescue. We are connected to Local Area Network (LAN). Besides, we have Light Emitted Display (LED) systems. We are going for 3D Internet facilities.

Computer Lab


The School provides the latest facilities for teaching Maths through tools and models. To make mathematics quite interesting, the students are made to pick up the basic elements through play way activities tools. More stress is given to oral Maths, Puzzles and Cross Boards. This enlightens the students with Mathematical wits.


Our library is a big source of knowledge for our children. Housed in a big hall, the library of ours is keeping on nearly 10,000 books which are available on all subjects in all concerned languages. It is annexed with a well furnished Reading Room which gives students a big solace in studies. The school contributes, for 12 national and local newspapers in English and Hindi, It is also equipped with facilities for making vibrant studies through LCD. There is a big stock of CD’s from various Boards and Universities piled in our library which are off and on shown to the students.


Due to the latest advancement in modern technologies and dynamism in modern education, We have switched over to multimedia based education. The aim is to involve the students in the process of education. The involvement is most essential as it provides quite concrete results. We have LED projector, we have VCDs and other devices to display CDs on various subjects of education which are regularly shown to students that allow them to pick up the situation and find solutions to them. This brings a liaison among students who act while listening and doing that is the main ambit of these activites.

Multimedia Based Education


For a compact thrust of education, music and dance play a very important role. The main theme of modern education is to see that students be perfect in all things Music acts as a catalyst and dance builds the body language of the students. These add to the joys of the child. To complement the academic aspects of education, music and dance play an important role as aesthetic ingredients. We provide students with all these facilities to pick up music (Vocal & Instrumental), Dance, Dramas and a host of events. Since the school hosts huge number of events, there activities find expression.

Music and Dance


The school provides fabulous facilities in the display of Art and Craft. Doll making, Tady making. Flower rose decoration, embroidery, paper objects card making, Diya, Candle & Flower decoration, Rangolis and many other items find a way in our activities. There is a usual programming of involving students in such activities. Other than creative aspect, the students can make an earning through craft making that satisfies the dictums of Mahatma Gandhi which endorse. “Learning through living”.

Art & Craft


This has been introduced in the school on a compulsory subjects

Judo Krate

Indoor Games of Kids

We have constucted an indoor aerana for kids to help them to play game during heat and high temperature.

Indoor Games


A magazine is the reflection of what is happening in the school. The second volume of the school magazine is under print. It is an annual feature. We are thankful to those public and private authorities, who send us the messages for encouraging the students. It is indeed a very courageous effort on the part of the school. Magazine reflects an insight probe into our school functioning. It helps the students to express themselves without any fear or pressure. It helps to build up the character of the students.

School Magazine